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Upload Your Data

An organization pushes its vast amounts of audio, video or images they have collected into our application.

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COVER3 is able to ingest millions of images to identify matches, patterns and anomolies. 

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Historical Video

Process thousands of hours of offline video in minutes to look for people, objects or associations. 

Process live video using HTTPs endpoints or via a VMS.  Receive real-time alerts when events specific to your organization are triggered.

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Live - Stream Video

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Produce transcripts from audio recordings in more than 64 languages. 


Specify what you are interested in discovering

COVER3 uses sophisticated AI algorithms to identify matches, patterns and anomalies while simultaneously producing push-notifications via email, text or system-to-system messages.

Facial Recognition

COVER3 detects faces and even emotion in live video streams, archived footage and photos.

Object Detection

Vehicles, license plates or weapons are just the beginning. Train COVER3 to identify objects of certain colors.

Speech Services

COVER3 can be trained to understand human language and context.

COVER3 is a sophisticated yet easy to use AI-based application that provides data and video analytics that executes in your private cloud, in a disconnected environment or as a SAAS model. 


Gain insight

COVER3's analytics engine allows an organization to assemble and analyze thousands of images, video and audio files to produce actionable information. 

Patterns of Life

Our Pivot Model is a visual representation of relationships between persons, places and objects and allows for a quick pattern of life analysis. Events, rules, associations and data are graphically linked to a Pivot (person, object or location) to provide a 360-degree perspective.  Data is rapidly integrated from multiple sources where it is examined to discover an individual's behavior and affiliations.  Predictive analytics is used to anticipate future activity. 


COVER3 collects data on subjects and their associations providing a link between persons or groups of people. Organizations can discover when, where and how many times two or more individuals were together.  


COVER3 automatically groups people having similar attributes or characteristics. The data collected is sorted and classified by groups such as gender or resemblance. This allows an organization to address a specific demographic or collection of individuals.  

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