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Cutting Edge Capability

COVER3 is an artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) based application that uses multiple algorithms such as facial, voice, object, language and video to monitor, analyze and notify organizations of potential security threats. 


US 10,614,689 B2

Cutting Edge Capability

Humans sifting through video feeds, staring at monitors or listening to hours of recorded audio to find one critical piece of information is inefficient, expensive and prone to error. COVER3’s Rules Engine allows a user to define exactly what information they are interested in.  For example, a rule could be set to notify a user when a certain person of interest is seen at a particular location, or when two individuals are seen together.  The COVER3 Rules Engine frees up resources that allow an organization to focus on their core mission.

Join Our Team

We’re always looking for talented and motivated professionals to join the journey. 



Our Rules Engine allows an organization to subscribe to events based on predefined conditions. 

Pivot Model

Pivots isolate a single surveillance point, such as a person, object or sensor. ​


Associations identify relationships between people and places. 


ViewFix provides a geospatial representation of people and objects.

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